Why I Started Bankable Assistance

April 15, 2018

Bankable Assistance started as a tiny seed, planted way back in 2008. I wanted a way to work from home, since I was starting my family and wanted to stay home with my children. I looked for jobs that would allow me to do that, but the pay was peanuts, and the terms were often, to put it politely, pretty demanding. It would seem the only logical step for me, was to start my own business.


I started a virtual assistance business (although at the time, I didn't even realize virtual assistance was a thing) with one steady client. I was basically just giving him a hand filling out medical reports for insurance companies. I was able to pick up a little work here and there, but the jobs kept fizzling out. I was working my buns off, but I just couldn't make my business amount to much of anything. Eventually my one steady client moved into a new field and didn't require my services anymore.


With the demands of raising two sweet babies, I found it really hard to find clients and maintain my relationships with them, while fostering my more important relationships at home. I was unable to establish any work-life balance, because both were all consuming.


Add two more babies to that list of demands, and well, let's just say the back burner had more than dinner on it.


During that time, I found myself thinking, if I didn't have to actually run my business, I'd have plenty of time to do my business. I felt like I was working non-stop, only to get to the point where I was ready to start working for my clients. I needed help.


And with that, my fifth baby was born. I named her Bankable Assistance. It's French. 


In my employment history, the jobs I liked doing most were in an administrative support role. I love the work, and truth be told, I am really good at it. I am resourceful, logical and hard-working. If my personality served others so well, surely it would serve me too, providing administrative support to many clients, instead of just one.


Now that my four, amazing kids are getting a little older, I have found myself with some time again. So, I started to spread the word among friends and family about what I wanted to do, and I picked up a few jobs. They went very, very well. My new clients were happy and offering me more business. I really enjoyed the jobs, and was able to produce high-quality work that blew their socks off!


I was ready to go big. I made myself a website, a Facebook page and jumped right in. I immediately got three new clients! I struck a nerve: There were many small business owners out there who also needed a hand.


My first few gigs came very organically, and I really enjoyed them. Learning about new software and online resources has been really exciting for me. The feedback from my clients was so wonderful, and I found the jobs very rewarding. I immediately gained back all the confidence I had as an employee way back when, and am excited to grow my business with focus and most importantly, time.


The speed with which I am gaining traction has also really emboldened me to push further in this direction. There is a real need for virtual assistance out there, and I am happy to fill that void.


Through this blog, I will be sharing tips that I think will help my clients, and sharing my journey as I go. I hope you'll join me.


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